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Contributions of PBJ and CHRIN included in the Book of NKEU recommendations for 2023

2. November 2023

A summary of the Book of Recommendations of the National Convention on the European Union for 2023 has been published. As part of the section Working Group for Chapter 23 - Judiciary and Fundamental Rights, the book of recommendations includes two contributions/recommendations, which were formulated by the Committee for Human Rights Nis (CHRIN) and the coalition Judiciary Base South (PBJ).

Our recommendations refer to:

- open data in the judiciary - recommendation 1.8 which reads: Ministry of Justice to start organizing public consultations on open data in the judiciary. It is necessary to adopt a legal framework to publish as much depersonalized data as possible from court decisions in an open format and to introduce the rule that public data be published in an open form in international development aid projects and government projects (EU benchmark from the Action Plan for Chapter 23: 1.3.4).

- suppression of mass lawsuits - recommendation 1.9, which reads: As soon as possible, proceed with the drafting of the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Civil Procedure, including the recommendations of CSOs, especially those related to the suppression of mass lawsuits. After supplementing the existing draft law, organize a public debate and put the law in the parliamentary procedure for adoption (EU benchmark from the Action Plan for Chapter 23: 1.3.6).


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