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Digital diplomacy - the art of digital dialogue

Niš, 06.06.2024.

The fourteenth lecture, for the second generation of participants, as part of the training program Strengthening capacities for judicial reform - southern Serbia, was held by Ljiljana Milanović, consultant for professional image and business communication. The title of the lecture is Digital Diplomacy - the art of digital dialogue.

In a world where digital communication has become a necessity, the ability to express ourselves clearly, accurately and respectfully can have far-reaching consequences for our professional reputation and career. Misunderstood words, imprecise expressions or even disregard for digital etiquette can cause misunderstandings with legal and professional consequences. Digital diplomacy is not only desirable, but is becoming a necessary component in the sphere of public relations. Mistakes in digital dialogue can quickly damage reputation, while strategic communication management can significantly improve public profile.

The ability to communicate effectively through digital channels, such as email, social media, phone and video calls, is key to building a professional identity. Managing these skills means not only avoiding potential pitfalls, but also harnessing the power of digital platforms to maintain and enhance professional relationships. Topics covered include:

  • Email communication - the key principles of effective email correspondence, which can improve professional relationships and ensure that the message is understood and correctly interpreted.

  • Telephone and messenger communication - how tone, timing and context affect the perception of messages and how this can affect professional relationships.

  • Social networks - how to effectively manage professional identity on social networks, where we present a professional image to the general public.

  • Video calls - how to maintain professionalism and engagement during video meetings, while maintaining clear and coherent communication.

Digital diplomacy is not just a skill, but a necessity in the modern age. Join us to explore together how you can improve your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in a digital environment, build strong professional relationships and maintain a high level of professionalism in every aspect of digital interaction.

The reason for including this topic in the training lies in the increasing need for adaptation to digital platforms that are becoming the primary means of professional communication, thus encouraging the development of skills necessary for effective and ethical communication in the digital age.

The lecture was realized with the support of the Open Society Foundation .


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